Introduction to WOMEN AND PAIN
Do you suffer from constant, agonizing pain? Have you been to doctor after doctor, only to receive nothing that helps, or be told "it's all in your head, it's stress, or you're just getting old?" If so, you're not alone. Women have said it—and men have denied it—for years. Now, we know that it's true: Women feel more pain, seek help more aggressively, and make more active attempts to cope with pain than men.

Unfortunately, we also know that too frequently, women aren't taken seriously. Although we think of medicine as a professional discipline, rooted in science and free of bias, this isn't always the case. Frankly, our health care system often disregards women in pain. At best, it's ignorance of gender differences. But some physicians stereotype women as complainers who are less-self controlled and more likely to over-report symptoms than men. They dismiss female patients with anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and platitudes. This adds insult to injury. When you're in pain, it's the last thing you need.

Given how much we know about pain, it's scandalous for women to suffer needlessly. I am a physiatrist, board-certified in the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation; in short, I specialize in treating pain and disability. I am also a licensed medical acupuncturist and a member of the teaching faculty of Johns Hopkins University. I have helped thousands of patients find relief from pain. Sadly, many of my women patients come in depressed, angry or frustrated with their health care providers, and without sustained relief from their pain. Using an integrative approach that combines the best conventional pain management with a broad array of scientifically proven complementary medical practices, I help them take control of their pain. In this book, I share these strategies so that you can manage the pain that plagues your life.

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